Our work principles:

We believe our clients are our partners.

We know how to get the work done, right.

We make sure we’re doing the best for our clients - satisfaction is a mainstay. Our project teams consist of individuals with a variety of complementary skills - strategy, project management, training, and technology. We customize each project team based on the needs of the client and the goals of the engagement.

We’ve developed a highly successful way to work with clients.

Immersion and Analysis
We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business, culture, business models, objectives, goals, and strategies. We start by working with our clients in joint discovery work sessions.

We customize a clear, workable solution that truly helps our clients meet the goals of the engagement.

We don’t just leave our clients with ideas. We make things happen. We keep the same team engaged on a project from start to finish, while knowing how and when to bring in specialized resources.

We provide a host of post-implementation services to help our clients ensure a built-to-last relationship in China and with Vantage Hi-Tech Investment Consulting.


What we do? We help companies understand China’s marketplace. We simplify the complexity of doing business in a foreign country by finding ways to create synergy with our clients and the host country’s values, culture, ethics, laws and regulations.

How we do it? We provide comprehensive consulting and unmatched implementation and management skills - we’re strategic experts who are also grounded in the practical.

- Business Development
- Market Strategy and Development
- Sales and Distribution Management
- Post-sales support design management
- Legal and Financial consulting
- Technology Transfer Protocol
- Manufacturing set up
- Investment search


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