Includes Lectures and Practical “Hands-on” Sessions 

Bring Your Samples!

Boeckeler Facilities Include:
• Transmission Electron Microscope
• Fume Hood & “Wet Lab” Area 

For Specimen Prep & Embedding
• Ultramicrotomes
• Cryosectioning Systems
• Microtomes
• Automated Stainer
• Optical Microscopes
• All Needed Accessories

Course Description: Although primarily a materials microtomy workshop, this course will cover topics of
interest to both Life Science and Materials Science professionals. For the core microscopy facility managers,
a knowledge of sample preparation techniques for both biological samples and material science specimens
is extremely useful. This course will provide the participants with a good introduction to practical microtomy,
ultramicrotomy and cryo sectioning methods for the wide range of specimens encountered in today’s exotic
The cost of the four and a half day course is $4,050, including meals, course tuition and literature, staff time,
hotel accommodations, transportation to and from hotel, course laboratory time and materials.
Class size is limited to 8 students; registration deadline is October 26, 2016.

Space is limited, so register early.
If you have questions, please contact us at:
(800) 552-2262 (520) 745-0001 Fax: (520) 745-0004 email:
Boeckeler Instruments, Inc., 4650 S. Butterfield Drive, Tucson, AZ 85714


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