RMC and Cutting Edge Graphene Research


Research on the thinnest, strongest, most conductive and impermeable material in the world

The RMC Products PT-XL PowerTome ultramicrotome helped scientists at Kansas State University to produce semiconducting graphene nanostructures of predetermined shapes and sizes, important for a wide variety of applications in electronics, optoelectronics and electromagnetics. Their research was achieved by diamond-edge-induced nanotomy (nanoscale-cutting) of graphite into graphite nanoblocks that were then exfoliated into graphene quantum dots, with edge roughness <1nm. Referred to as the “nanotome” in this cutting edge research, the PT-XL and top-of-the-line PT-PC are the ultramicrotomes of choice for sectioning today’s nanomaterials.


Other News

Nanoflight: Take a look at this stunning video showing SEM-HD images of everyday plants and insects by industry friend and scientific photographer Stefan Diller of Wűrzberg, Germany.  His work won the Technikpreis 2013 award from the German Society of Electron Microscopy (DGE) for his “nanoflight” project, making colored eight-axis animated HDTV videos for SEM possible.


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