AFM-990 通用轮转切片机

型 号:AFM-990
价 格:0元
For Material Science Specimen Preparation Designed for -- Atomic Force Microscopy 原子力显微镜 Scanning Probe Microscopy 扫描探针显微镜 Scanning Electron Microscopy 扫描电镜 Optical Microscopy 光学显微镜 FTIR 红外显微镜 Ideal for applications in -- Forensic Science


  • Prepare a flat sample face for surface probe or scanning microscopy or cut thin sections for transmission microscopy
  • Cuts a variety of materials for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, coatings, and microelectronics
  • Motorized knife stage, 28 mm maximum travel
  • Separate controller for hands-off operation
  • Optional cryo-attachment permits sectioning from ambient temperature to -180C
  • Motorized cutting stroke may be used manually or programmed for automatic trim
  • Feed totalizer, selectable for either total feed in microns or total number of sections



Retraction 50-60 microns
Section Thickness 0.25-30 microns
Automatic Trim Motorized, Programmable
Maximum Feed Motorized Knife Stage, 28 mm
Section Counter Digital LED display of number of sections with reset button
Feed Totalizer Digital LED display of feed imicrons
Stroke Motorized or manual, 15mm
Cutting Speed Range 1-330 mm/sec
Max. Specimen Size 10mm
Standard Microtome Package Type S Knife Holder for glass, diamond, and tungsten carbide knives.
  Stereomicroscope with illumination systems, mounted on fully adjustable microscope pod
  Specimen holders compatible with most commercial AFMs
  Arc segment mount with universal holder for round or flat plastic embedded specimens
  Specimen backlight
  Foot pedal
  Diamond knife
Optional Accessories CRT-900 for low temperature sample prep to -140C
  Glass knife maker
  Tungsten carbide knives
  Diamond knives
Dimension H: 279mm x W: 273mm x L: 457mm
  H: 11” x W: 10.75” x L:18”
Weight 32kg (70lbs.)


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